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released September 1, 2007


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Track Name: He & She
He’s looking around
She’s so sweet and quiet
They’re pretty well defined already
Just fallen from the trees
Crawling in the mud that makes a shape out of anything
No mighty forces
A rising will to understand
In a search for a homeland
Now he sits in the back of the garden
She tries to dry the Sunday clothes along with her tears
The children are playing
“Where do airplanes go, Daddy?”
“I don’t know, don’t care ‘bout it
Sometimes you need to be as strong as you can
To be respected
To be effective
That’s what I’ve been taught”
Stuck in wandering
Out of focus
You monkey
Let your heartbeat, let your heartbeat
Beam you home, beam you home, beam you home
The end of times is near if you forget where you belong
Poor monkey let your heartbeat beam you home
To love her
We’re animals
We’re all animals
We’re just like animals inside
Track Name: Smash up
Smash up
Smash up
Cos’ I got nothin’
No nothing
But I remember you yes I remember you
I was considered a shit by the rest of the school
But then you feared me and it's still the truth
Forfathers holding guns for flags
A foreigner for the rest of my short life
So what?
I want a slice of the big pie
Can you feel the anger grow?
The market place has never been so
Wild and healthy
Wild and healthy
Fine go on sending troops abroad
If you think your enemies won’t strike you down once more
With a little help
Leave us alone in that country
Let us smash everything that we’ll see
Let us smash up smash up smash up
Nothing to lose nothing to hang on to
Track Name: One among millions
“I swear I have nothing to do with this
May be it’s a problem of atmosphere
Believe me I would never have given him my vote
Well perhaps my neighbour Mr GreyOwl
He’s a strange man and what a name!
I wouldn’t be surprised he did it…
After all is it so bad?
I mean when like me you saw the horror of war
This country needs protection
We need someone strong
Not this flock of sentimental leftists
Go and see the weirdo next door
He’s always talking about the beauty of the stars ah ah
Please put him in a can and send him up there
By the way I was very pleased to help you
But you know times are getting rough”
Track Name: Fly away
One day I’m gonna travel far from this land
Far from the troubles
Who’s built a wall between your house and mine?
Winding like a cruel snake
Really too high
I’m ready to change
I’m ready to talk to you
It seems from higher heights
Everything’s white ochre and blue

I cannot even see a line from here

I shall invoke the gods of transmutation
To make the blind man see
I’ll ask him to look up at Saturn
He’ll just fall into tears
But I ain’t got that power
No I ain’t got that
But I know that every wall has been raised to be torn down
One day

I just want to fly away
Walk the world at different heights
I just want to fly away
Track Name: Incantations
We will pay
We’ll protect our homeland
And we will revive our economy
We will see freedom’s victory
We will shut down terrorist camps
We’re winning the war on terror
We‘ll remind that we are citizens with obligations to each other
We are protected from attack only by vigorous action abroad
We are one country
We reaffirm it again

We reaffirm it again
We can overcome Evil with greater Good
We will shut down terrorist camps
We’re winning the war on terror
Track Name: Very last day of the world
Leave the things you once owned
They’re all useless now
I’ve seen a flash by the window
Why send warheads thru the air
When you could not prevent a friend
From being taken away?
There must be some kind of deceiver’s trick
Take a seat at the biggest show ever
On the very last day of the world as we know it
On the very last day of the world as we know it
Come closer
Be as one with me
Open your heart and tell me your secrets and yours fears
Look straight into my eyes
Until that sunny day when we meet again
Goodbye love
Goodbye everybody
Take a seat at the biggest show ever
On the very last day of the world as we know it
Fireworks and tons of bones
On the very last day of the world as we know it
Nothing nothing nothing nothing will stand
On the very last day of the world as we know it
I wish that I’d been only dreaming
On the very last day of the world as we know it
Track Name: Our love
Our love
Our love
Is what we’re fighting for
Is the rampart on the seashore
Against the icy minded thieves
Always floating around pushed by a silly breeze
And extolling things we don’t need in our love

Yes you’ll sometimes feel a bit alone
Yes you’ll tremble more often than before
Don’t you think all this is real
For the thief has to run all thru the year
Not to be won back
So he’ll never come back
To see the power of our love

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